An Introduction

IMG_1923.JPGHey everyone, Ashley here. The goal of this blog is to be a platform for me and my mom to talk about fashion and style. We want to create something that will be relevant to people in her age bracket and people in mine. No matter what age group you fall into, hopefully you’ll find our advice, opinions, and insights useful for your own style.

So, me and my mom are going to introduce each other. My mom is in her early 5os and is more stylish than most of the other women her age (I’m not just saying that because she’s my mom). She’s always been passionate about fashion, and I’ve definitely inherited this passion from her. She always looks put together, no matter if she’s going to the gym or going out to dinner. In no particular order, here are some of the things I associate with my mom: high heels, red nails, red hair, floral scents, neutral lipsticks, and of course, diet coke.

My daughter is 20 and has always had her own sense of style.  When she was little I bought her a very cute sailor dress.  Ashley wore it once, it then hung in the closet until it was too small.  This was the beginning of her interest in fashion.  She is always well dressed and impresses me by what she puts together.  Some of the things I associate with my daughter: perfectly applied lipstick, glasses, confidence, and the best cup of coffee.


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