According to Beth: Outfit of the Day



Mondays are always a workout clothes day for me.  I teach a spin class in the morning, do some errands then have lunch with my in-laws.  Luckily I can do it all straight from the gym.

I like wearing wild workout pants and my new favorite place to buy them is Gap.  Prices are good (they have lots of sales) and the pants fit really well.  Snug but not too tight, they don’t wrinkle around my knees and when I run they stay put.  The long sleeved top is Gap also, they have lots of cute tops to wear over my tank.   I work out in a loose tank and this one from Lululemon fits great and the black is still dark after many washings.  Socks from Nordstrom, a little pricey but great quality.  The black sneakers match whatever color clothes I’m wearing.  A little goofy but I like to be color  coordinated.

I spend a lot of time in workout clothes so I need things that hold up well and look good.  Sometimes I splurge at Lululemon or Athleta but for an impulse buy Old Navy or a sale at Gap is the way to go.


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