According to Beth: The Everyday Bag


IMG_1941.JPGFor my everyday bag I like one that fits nicely on my shoulder, holds all my stuff and some extra things, works with my gym clothes, I wear them almost every day so this is a must, and everything else I wear during the day.

Price is always be an issue for me, I’m not rolling in money.  My current everyday bag is the large hobo bag in espresso by Bottega Veneta and I love it.  It was expensive, very expensive.  I figure if I spend a lot of money on something I love I should use it.  Why save it for a special occasion. Every time I went to the mall I stopped by to visit it (I think the store employees were getting tired of seeing me). It may be kind of weird, but before I spend a lot of money I want to be sure the bag will be perfect for me.  Finally I did it, whipped out my credit card and it was mine, and it makes me happy.  I hope you like the bag Ashley, it could be yours some day.

I’ve had the bag for a couple of years so it may be time to start planning my next bag purchase.  What’s your favorite everyday bag?


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