Ashley Says: Everyday Bag

IMG_1848.JPGHello, people of the internet! I hope everyone is having a great week.

For everyday bags I was going to write about my purse, but that’s what mom wrote about, and lets be real here, there are only so many unique things you can say about a purse.

So, I present to you: my backpack. It’s the Herschel mid volume Little America bag. It has a padded laptop sleeve and two small pockets inside (I use them for snacks and lipstick), and a pocket in the front that you can see my wallet sticking out of. Mine in particular also has some pins on the front and a vague coffee smell that seems to be imbedded in the fabric.

I normally carry around a pencil case, a planner, my headphones, my water bottle, whatever notebook I need that day, my wallet/keys, my laptop, and a pouch with my phone and laptop chargers in it. I’m one of those people who will take up however much space I’m given, so this bag is nice because it fits everything I need without any extra space left over.

I got a grey bag because I wear so much black, and I wanted something that wasn’t going to blend in with whatever I was wearing, but would still be really neutral and match everything else that own.

Let me know in the comments if your every day bag is something other than a purse.



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