Ashley Says: All Time Favorite Lipstick


I love lipstick to a completely irrational degree. I have upwards of 20 lipsticks that I wear on a regular basis, and many more that I used to wear but have since retired from use. So when I say I this is my favorite lipstick, this is high praise.

Drum roll please.

The award for best lipstick ever goes to MAC’s Russian Red. It’s a classic red that’s the perfect balance of blue and orange undertones. It’s also got a nice creamy texture, but still stays on all day. A lot of times I apply it at 8 am for class and don’t take it off until the evening. I find that I can reapply it after eating and it never gets gross and goopy (don’t you hate when lipsticks do that?).

Of all of the lipsticks I’ve had, this is the only one I’ve ever bought a second time, because I’ve never found a better red lipstick. I wanted you all to get a really good sense of the color, so there’s a picture of it in the tube, on my hand, and on my face.

Let me know in the comments what your favorite red lipstick is!


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