According to Beth: Spring Shoes

IMG_2007.JPGIt is officially spring and even though there is still snow on the ground, I’m talking about spring shoes.

I’ve shown you the Vince sneakers before, I still love them.  The pointy toe makes them look more fashionable than a round one, at least I think so.

The Valentino flat…where should I begin…they are the best.  The black patent leather and beige leather are a great combination, love the gold studs and they turn ripped jeans and a sweater into a statement.  “Gilded pyramid studs add edgy opulence to an iconic pointy-toe flat,” this is how they are described on the Nordstrom website. I dreamed about these shoes, visited them and saved for them. I have a shoe guy at Nordstrom and I’m pretty sure he was tired of seeing me drool over them.  My birthday was in October and I spent some (most) of my birthday money on the shoes.  No regrets.

Both of these pairs of shoes I wore in the fall and I plan to wear them in the spring also.  The pointy toe sneaker probably won’t be fashionable for that long, so I’ll wear them as much as I can until the next style comes out.  They are seriously comfy.  The Valentino flat has been around for years, it launched at Paris Fashion Week in Spring of 2011. So I will assume they won’t be going anywhere, anytime soon.

What’s your most recent shoe splurge?




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