My name is Beth, I’m a 50-something year old mother of a college student. I teach spin classes, I run a little, and I like high heels. I like fashion and tend to chose what fits into my lifestyle, I think of myself as casual but not frumpy. Even in my workout clothes, I want to look put together. One of my signature styles is my long red nails, my family doesn’t like it when I paint them a different color. I’m the diet coke half of the Coffee and Diet Coke blog title (I don’t even like the smell of coffee).

I’m Ashley, I’m a 20 years old and I’m the college student who was mentioned above. I spend most of my time either running or in coffee shops (or in class, I promise). Everything I wear is based around being comfortable while still looking nice, since being a student means I often have very long days. I’m more passionate about lipstick than is strictly necessary (seriously, let me know if there are any new colors I need). As the coffee shops thing suggests, I’m the coffee half of Coffee and Diet Coke.