Ashley Says: Foundation

IMG_1937.JPGLet’s talk about foundation. I have very sensitive skill that reacts to almost every foundation I’ve ever used. For the last 6 months, I haven’t been wearing foundation at all. I’m lucky to have pretty clear skin, but every now and then I like a little more coverage than I can get from just concealer.

Thankfully, I’ve found a foundation that doesn’t anger my skin. This is the Milk Makeup Sunshine Skin Tint and I have it in the lightest shade they sell. It comes in a handy rollerball tube, which makes it easy to apply all over your face.

Since I’ve started using this, I swear my skin has cleared up a bit. Every foundation claims to help your skin, but I think this one actually does. It also smells like grapefruit. Who doesn’t like grapefruit?

A few cons: if you’re prone to oily skin, this product might not be your friend. It’s also fairly light coverage, so it’s probably not the best for those of you who like a heavier coverage product.

All in all, I love this product and will definitely be repurchasing it.

What are your favorite products for sensitive skin?


Ashley Says: Spring Shoes

IMG_1925.JPGI know, I know, everyone has Adidas superstars. Even my dad had a pair when he was in high school. I guess it’s true that trends always make a comeback.

I wasn’t going to buy these, I was going to resist jumping on the bandwagon. So what changed my mind? I went to Seattle with a friend and she wore these shoes the whole time because they were so comfortable, so I caved and went to the mall at home to try on a pair.

Holy crap these these things are comfy. The insides are nice and squishy and they don’t rub anywhere. They’re perfect for walking to class (or anywhere else you might want to go)

These shoes go for $80, which is a little pricey if you ask me, but not completely unreasonable. I wore them in the rain and they didn’t get gross or dirty, so you’ll get plenty of wear out of them.

One downside: the heels are fairly wide, so if you have narrow feet like I do, your heels might lift up a little as you walk. This doesn’t particularly bother me, but it might bother some of you.

What’s your favorite trend that’s come back in style?

Ashley Says: Outfit of the Day

IMG_1897.JPGThis is basically what I wear on a day to-day-basis, especially when I have class. It’s comfy, it’s cute, and its appropriate for a range of temperatures.

Let’s start at the top; my beanie is from Neff. I bought it because the skater guy who lived down the hall from me freshman year always wore one and I was secretly jealous of his hat.

My sweater is from Urban Outfitters. It’s nice and oversized and I want to wear it every day of my life.

The jeans are Levi’s. I like them, but they’re a little stretchier than I normally like my jeans to be, they don’t really feel like they’re made of denim (does anyone know what I’m talking about?)

The Adidas are new. I know everyone has them, but I decided to cave to peer pressure and I’m so glad I did, they match everything and I think they look pretty cute too. Not to mention that they’re awfully comfortable.

What’s your favorite brand of jeans? I need some new ones!

Ashley Says: All Time Favorite Lipstick


I love lipstick to a completely irrational degree. I have upwards of 20 lipsticks that I wear on a regular basis, and many more that I used to wear but have since retired from use. So when I say I this is my favorite lipstick, this is high praise.

Drum roll please.

The award for best lipstick ever goes to MAC’s Russian Red. It’s a classic red that’s the perfect balance of blue and orange undertones. It’s also got a nice creamy texture, but still stays on all day. A lot of times I apply it at 8 am for class and don’t take it off until the evening. I find that I can reapply it after eating and it never gets gross and goopy (don’t you hate when lipsticks do that?).

Of all of the lipsticks I’ve had, this is the only one I’ve ever bought a second time, because I’ve never found a better red lipstick. I wanted you all to get a really good sense of the color, so there’s a picture of it in the tube, on my hand, and on my face.

Let me know in the comments what your favorite red lipstick is!

Ashley Says: Everyday Bag

IMG_1848.JPGHello, people of the internet! I hope everyone is having a great week.

For everyday bags I was going to write about my purse, but that’s what mom wrote about, and lets be real here, there are only so many unique things you can say about a purse.

So, I present to you: my backpack. It’s the Herschel mid volume Little America bag. It has a padded laptop sleeve and two small pockets inside (I use them for snacks and lipstick), and a pocket in the front that you can see my wallet sticking out of. Mine in particular also has some pins on the front and a vague coffee smell that seems to be imbedded in the fabric.

I normally carry around a pencil case, a planner, my headphones, my water bottle, whatever notebook I need that day, my wallet/keys, my laptop, and a pouch with my phone and laptop chargers in it. I’m one of those people who will take up however much space I’m given, so this bag is nice because it fits everything I need without any extra space left over.

I got a grey bag because I wear so much black, and I wanted something that wasn’t going to blend in with whatever I was wearing, but would still be really neutral and match everything else that own.

Let me know in the comments if your every day bag is something other than a purse.


Ashley Says: Mascara

IMG_1833.JPGHello everyone! So, let’s talk about mascara. Specifically, the way mascara is packaged. Here I strive to answer the age old question: does size matter? (Sorry, mom)

I have a full sized tube of Too Faced’s Better Than Sex Mascara and a smaller, sample sized tube that came with their Christmas palette (which is fantastic, in case you were wondering). I had heard that the smaller size was better, but I wanted to get the full one so I could compare the two.

I’m of the opinion that the smaller one is better. The product is a little bit drier, which I think helps to separate my lashes better since you really have to wiggle the brush between your lashes to get it on. Because it’s drier, it doesn’t smudge onto my eyelid as easily as the bigger one does. And of course, the smaller one is easier for traveling or if you’re like me and your makeup bag is super overcrowded.

I’ve noticed this with a few different mascaras; the sample sizes are better than the full sized products. With MAC’s mascaras in particular, the smaller ones are fantastic and the big ones tend to be too wet and messy.

Let me know in the comments below if any of you have noticed this about mascaras.

Ashley Says: Outfit of the Day

IMG_1813.JPGIt was cool and rainy in my city this morning (I thought the South was supposed to be warm and sunny), so I picked an outfit that’s comfy and keeps me warm.

Here’s the run down of my outfit:

My necklace used to be my mom’s and I’ve been wearing it every day for over a year now. I’m not a huge jewelry person, so everything that I do wear regularly has some sort of significance to me.

My sweater is from either Brandy Melville or Pac Sun, for the life of me I can’t remember which (I think my mom bought it, maybe she remembers where it’s from). I’m not going to lie to you, it is rather itchy. But it’s cute so I suffer through the itchiness.

These jeans are from Altar’d State. Funny story about them, I bought them in September, wore them once, and then proceeded to lose them until December when I found them shoved in the back of a drawer. The downside of these is that they stretch out super fast, so I need to wash them super frequently to keep them snug (they’re in the washing machine right now, because I’m an adult who does laundry occasionally).

These shoes are Clark’s Desert Boots. They were gloriously uncomfortable when I first got them, but they’ve stretched out and softened a ton and now they’re basically the most comfortable thing on the planet.

My (fake) leather jacket is from Top Shop and I wear it basically every day. It’s comfy and has nice pockets. What more could you ask for?

Hope you all stay warm and dry today! (Unless you live somewhere that’s already warm and dry, in which case I’m very jealous). Comment and let me know what you like to wear on gross days like this!

An Introduction

IMG_1923.JPGHey everyone, Ashley here. The goal of this blog is to be a platform for me and my mom to talk about fashion and style. We want to create something that will be relevant to people in her age bracket and people in mine. No matter what age group you fall into, hopefully you’ll find our advice, opinions, and insights useful for your own style.

So, me and my mom are going to introduce each other. My mom is in her early 5os and is more stylish than most of the other women her age (I’m not just saying that because she’s my mom). She’s always been passionate about fashion, and I’ve definitely inherited this passion from her. She always looks put together, no matter if she’s going to the gym or going out to dinner. In no particular order, here are some of the things I associate with my mom: high heels, red nails, red hair, floral scents, neutral lipsticks, and of course, diet coke.

My daughter is 20 and has always had her own sense of style.  When she was little I bought her a very cute sailor dress.  Ashley wore it once, it then hung in the closet until it was too small.  This was the beginning of her interest in fashion.  She is always well dressed and impresses me by what she puts together.  Some of the things I associate with my daughter: perfectly applied lipstick, glasses, confidence, and the best cup of coffee.