According to Beth: The Everyday Bag


IMG_1941.JPGFor my everyday bag I like one that fits nicely on my shoulder, holds all my stuff and some extra things, works with my gym clothes, I wear them almost every day so this is a must, and everything else I wear during the day.

Price is always be an issue for me, I’m not rolling in money.  My current everyday bag is the large hobo bag in espresso by Bottega Veneta and I love it.  It was expensive, very expensive.  I figure if I spend a lot of money on something I love I should use it.  Why save it for a special occasion. Every time I went to the mall I stopped by to visit it (I think the store employees were getting tired of seeing me). It may be kind of weird, but before I spend a lot of money I want to be sure the bag will be perfect for me.  Finally I did it, whipped out my credit card and it was mine, and it makes me happy.  I hope you like the bag Ashley, it could be yours some day.

I’ve had the bag for a couple of years so it may be time to start planning my next bag purchase.  What’s your favorite everyday bag?


Ashley Says: Mascara

IMG_1833.JPGHello everyone! So, let’s talk about mascara. Specifically, the way mascara is packaged. Here I strive to answer the age old question: does size matter? (Sorry, mom)

I have a full sized tube of Too Faced’s Better Than Sex Mascara and a smaller, sample sized tube that came with their Christmas palette (which is fantastic, in case you were wondering). I had heard that the smaller size was better, but I wanted to get the full one so I could compare the two.

I’m of the opinion that the smaller one is better. The product is a little bit drier, which I think helps to separate my lashes better since you really have to wiggle the brush between your lashes to get it on. Because it’s drier, it doesn’t smudge onto my eyelid as easily as the bigger one does. And of course, the smaller one is easier for traveling or if you’re like me and your makeup bag is super overcrowded.

I’ve noticed this with a few different mascaras; the sample sizes are better than the full sized products. With MAC’s mascaras in particular, the smaller ones are fantastic and the big ones tend to be too wet and messy.

Let me know in the comments below if any of you have noticed this about mascaras.

According to Beth: Mascara


IMG_1933.JPGMascara!  It’s one of my favorite products.  I rarely leave Sephora without a new one and I rarely buy the same brand twice; maybe a new brand will make my lashes look longer and more fabulous.  I tend to like plastic bristles, but I’ll still try one with a fluffy brush. I prefer length to volume, but maybe the combination of volume and length is the way to go.  So many options and I just can’t resist.

Putting on mascara is a process for me.  I always curl my lashes first, then I use a mascara  with the fluffy bristles then plastic to separate my lashes so they don’t get stuck together. Finally, Ashley got me the Pixie lower lash mascara for Christmas and it’s wonderful, it gets to all those little lower lashes. I tend to use a combination of drugstore and high end brands, and I think the brush makes the biggest difference.

Recently, I’ve been starting with the Maybelline Colossal Big Shot, next is Maneater Voluptuous Mascara by Tarte, it has a fat brush with short plastic bristles, and finally is the Mally More is More Mascara.  I really like the Mally one, I might actually buy it again, unless something else catches my eye.

Comment below and let me know what your favorite mascara is.  I think it’s time for me to try a new one.


Ashley Says: Outfit of the Day

IMG_1813.JPGIt was cool and rainy in my city this morning (I thought the South was supposed to be warm and sunny), so I picked an outfit that’s comfy and keeps me warm.

Here’s the run down of my outfit:

My necklace used to be my mom’s and I’ve been wearing it every day for over a year now. I’m not a huge jewelry person, so everything that I do wear regularly has some sort of significance to me.

My sweater is from either Brandy Melville or Pac Sun, for the life of me I can’t remember which (I think my mom bought it, maybe she remembers where it’s from). I’m not going to lie to you, it is rather itchy. But it’s cute so I suffer through the itchiness.

These jeans are from Altar’d State. Funny story about them, I bought them in September, wore them once, and then proceeded to lose them until December when I found them shoved in the back of a drawer. The downside of these is that they stretch out super fast, so I need to wash them super frequently to keep them snug (they’re in the washing machine right now, because I’m an adult who does laundry occasionally).

These shoes are Clark’s Desert Boots. They were gloriously uncomfortable when I first got them, but they’ve stretched out and softened a ton and now they’re basically the most comfortable thing on the planet.

My (fake) leather jacket is from Top Shop and I wear it basically every day. It’s comfy and has nice pockets. What more could you ask for?

Hope you all stay warm and dry today! (Unless you live somewhere that’s already warm and dry, in which case I’m very jealous). Comment and let me know what you like to wear on gross days like this!

According to Beth: Outfit of the Day



Mondays are always a workout clothes day for me.  I teach a spin class in the morning, do some errands then have lunch with my in-laws.  Luckily I can do it all straight from the gym.

I like wearing wild workout pants and my new favorite place to buy them is Gap.  Prices are good (they have lots of sales) and the pants fit really well.  Snug but not too tight, they don’t wrinkle around my knees and when I run they stay put.  The long sleeved top is Gap also, they have lots of cute tops to wear over my tank.   I work out in a loose tank and this one from Lululemon fits great and the black is still dark after many washings.  Socks from Nordstrom, a little pricey but great quality.  The black sneakers match whatever color clothes I’m wearing.  A little goofy but I like to be color  coordinated.

I spend a lot of time in workout clothes so I need things that hold up well and look good.  Sometimes I splurge at Lululemon or Athleta but for an impulse buy Old Navy or a sale at Gap is the way to go.

An Introduction

IMG_1923.JPGHey everyone, Ashley here. The goal of this blog is to be a platform for me and my mom to talk about fashion and style. We want to create something that will be relevant to people in her age bracket and people in mine. No matter what age group you fall into, hopefully you’ll find our advice, opinions, and insights useful for your own style.

So, me and my mom are going to introduce each other. My mom is in her early 5os and is more stylish than most of the other women her age (I’m not just saying that because she’s my mom). She’s always been passionate about fashion, and I’ve definitely inherited this passion from her. She always looks put together, no matter if she’s going to the gym or going out to dinner. In no particular order, here are some of the things I associate with my mom: high heels, red nails, red hair, floral scents, neutral lipsticks, and of course, diet coke.

My daughter is 20 and has always had her own sense of style.  When she was little I bought her a very cute sailor dress.  Ashley wore it once, it then hung in the closet until it was too small.  This was the beginning of her interest in fashion.  She is always well dressed and impresses me by what she puts together.  Some of the things I associate with my daughter: perfectly applied lipstick, glasses, confidence, and the best cup of coffee.